Arbitration tribunal

Arbitration tribunal is a modern efficient way of settling a dispute between the parties.


- Consideration velocity. Arbitration tribunal has a right to establish a case consideration procedure independently. That means that among all procedural requirements only one about the necessity to notify the parties of case consideration time and place ought to be complied. All other formalities depend on the tribunals’ regulations. So if the defendant was notified but failed to appear in court, nobody will wait for him and thus drag out a case consideration. Simple procedure of conducting a case consideration means no superfluous court formalities. Court decision is final and obligatory for all parties.
- Competence in concerned dispute. Arbitration tribunals are set up by professionals, and the arbitrator is a particular expert in civil-legal disputes over cases for consideration. 
- Expenses for case consideration. The faster the dispute is settled, the less expenses the parties will bear to protect their interests’. Arbitration charge paid by the claimant when he initiates an action in our arbitration tribunal is equal to the state duties paid to court of arbitration.

Documents concerning arbitration tribunal’s operation:

Fee regulations of North-Western arbitration court
Regulations about arbitration court
Arbitration tribunal’s rules
Arbitration agreement’s model clause
Arbitrators’ list