The elimination of а company

Price List

(The elimination of  company):



price, including tax and other fees, running costs

(all inclusive)





Preliminary actions of the board of directors:

- Excerpt of the shareholders of the commercial register including an apostil and translation into Russian language;

- Copy of the passport of the shareholders (one of the shareholder) with translation into Russian language and an apostil










Preparation of documents for decision on the elimination:

-Preparation of the contract for waiver of debt of the creditors

- Conduction of a general meeting of the company – resolution of liquidation of the company

- Signature of the shareholders (оne of the shareholders) of the company of the letter of attorney addressed to the fiscal authorities  

- Notification of the liquidation resolution to  the fiscal authorities  including the fiscal fees

(within three days after the decision of the resolution).


- Reception of the documents from the fiscal authorities confirming the initiation of the liquidation process








700 euro



-1 week


-1 day


-1 day



-1 day




-10 days


Formation of the liquidation committee (appointment of liquidator) and its activity:

- Formation of the liquidation committee, appointment of the liquidator;

- Preparation of the notification of the appointment of  liquidation committee

- Submission of the notification of the formation of liquidation committee and liquidation resolution to fiscal authorities. In accordance to the law of Russian Federation the liquidator must be an unbiased person, that has the appropriate education and ability to carry out the liquidation process.

-Inventory of the activa and passiva of the company,  reviewing of all financial statements of all fiscal years of the company, verification and validation of balance sheets;

- Submission of the liquidation notification to  the creditors and other stakeholders











3500 euro




-4 months

-3 days


-1 day


-1 day






-5 weeks



-3 weeks

Publication of the notice about the liquidation

- Preparation and submission of the announcement of liquidation to specialized print office (including fees of the announcement)

- The announcement has to include not only the fact of the liquidation but also the time period in which the creditors can claim their demands to the company. The time period can not be less than three months.

- Publication of the announcement of the liquidation

- Reception of the public paper, that includes the announcement of liquidation and archivation of this paper


300 euro



-2 days







- about 3 - 7 weeks

-3 weeks

Preparation of the interim liquidation balance of the liquidator:

- Preparation of the interim liquidation balance sheet 

-Confirmation of the interim balance sheet by the shareholders;

- Preparation and sending to the fiscal authorities of the interim balance sheet 

- Settlement with possible creditors

Preparation of the liquidation balance

- Preparation of the liquidation balance sheet

- Confirmation of the balance sheet by the shareholders

-  Section of the property left between the shareholders

- Closing of the bank accounts









2000 euro




-3 weeks

-2 weeks


-1 day


-2 weeks


-3 weeks

-2 weeks

-3 days

-about 2 weeks 


State registration of liquidation of legal entity:

-  Payment of the fiscal fees for the liquidation  submission of the receipt to the according authorities

- Submission of the registration form to the local tax authorities on behalf of the liquidation of the company

- Notarial confirmation of the signature of the fiscal registration of the company on behalf of its liquidation

- Sending to the local tax authorities the notification of the registration of the company on behalf of its liquidation

- Sending to the local tax authorities the liquidation balance sheet including the receipts of the payment of fiscal fees

- Reception of the confirmation from the local of the registration of  liquidation of the company 


1500 euro




-2 days


-7 days


-2 days


-1 day


-1 day


-10 days


8000 euro

=>4 months