The registration of а company

                                   Price List

                (The registration of a company):



price, including tax and other fees, running costs

(all inclusive)

The legal address for a company


500 euro

per year


Аssisting in the registration in the Federal Tax Service Department;

Аssisting in the receiving codes provided by the State Statistics Federal Service;

Аssisting in the registration in non-budget funds (Mandatory Health Insurance Fund, Social Insurance and Pension Funds);

Opening a Business Accounts in Banks;

Registration of Online Business Banking.




2500 euro



A temporary Head of representative office (a Russian citizen)


700 euro

per month

Аssisting in receipting of a work permit for a Executive

 ( a constant General Director – a foreign citizen)  

 in Federal migration service of St. Petersburg


1500 euro


Аssisting in changing the General Director in the Tax Service of St. Petersburg


1250 euro


A bookkeeping and  a tax advisory services


500 euro

per month