Business support for foreign company in Russia

Legal advice.

Foreign companies promotion in the Russian market.

Sales and marketing strategies elaboration and their introduction into the market.

Business support for foreign company in Russia is a very actual issue today. Recently Russia's investment attractiveness has significantly increased. Favorable conditions for development and prospective opportunities of the internal market make more and more foreign companies think about the development of their business in Russia. However, the complexity of Russian legislation and other difficulties worry foreign investors. Planning business in Russia, foreign companies usually face a complex of specific problems that may disturb successful business.

Business in Russia for foreign citizens and representatives of foreign companies is impossible without compliance with the immigration laws.

Russian market has always been the object of attention of foreign companies. However, starting business in Russia is as a rule difficult because of the huge amount of necessary documents. It requires constant support of legal professionals working in the field of immigration and corporate law. It is therefore important to choose a really reliable and stable partner for business management.

Companies specializing in immigration and corporate law advise to pay special attention to the terms of paperwork, stated in promotions of various law firms. This is due to the fact that authentic documents cannot be obtained before the statutory deadline. Therefore, companies that promise fast issue of, for example, work permits for foreign citizens should cause concern. Otherwise, you are likely to get an invalid document, unlisted in the database and unenforceable.

It is necessary to choose those companies that operate in strict accordance with Russian legislation and ensure its customers reliable legal protection and receiving of all required documents.

Such companies offer a wide range of services aimed at protecting the interests of foreign business in Russia, including:

• work permit

• work Visa

• accreditation of representative offices and branches of foreign companies

• other legal services.

When choosing a company, you need to be sure of its professionalism which is based on thorough knowledge of Russian legislation and unique experience of law enforcement and exclusively Western standards of service.

Large staff of lawyers working in the field of private international law is preferable, as well as private courier service and a professional interpreter - that allows solving the most complex problems. Specialists of serious companies have great experience of work with documents which allows achieving the most effective results.

Professional education of employees gives possibility of investigating not only Russian legislation, but also foreign legal systems and international private law.

What is important is the individual approach to each client, taking into account the specifics of his activities. You can always obtain legal advice on a wide range of question on migration and corporate law. In addition, it has to be noticed that serious companies follow the principle of strict confidentiality and integrity and most of all appreciates ??the trust of their partners.

The main goal pursued by business support for foreign companies and legal advice in Russia is to achieve maximum results with saving your time!

Thus, it is evidently important to find a professional company that offers a wide range of services to support foreign business in Russia and provide full legal support of foreign companies, make a successful start of business activities as well as help to resolve current problems.

The range of services offered by such companies include the following:

-      Consultation on the legislation of the Russian Federation

-      Check for availability and compliance of documents to the legislation of the Russian Federation

-      Consultation and preparation of documents for registration of a representative office / branch of a foreign company

-      Analysis and development of economic agreements concluded in Russia, governed by Russian law (including bilingual)

-      Legal advice in the field of labor law, etc.