Legal advice in Russia

Legal advice.

Foreign companies promotion in the Russian market.

Sales and marketing strategies elaboration and their introduction into the market.

Doing business in today's conditions is anyways connected to accomplishing certain tasks and solving different problems. Often some questions appear, the answers to which cannot be got without competent professionals’ advice. Lack of awareness, dynamic laws can cause a variety of effects (often unfavorable) on your business, especially in case when you try to solve some problematic issues all alone without any help.

To exclude such an option of doing business as "trial and error" you should not forget about such a thing as legal advice in Russia, for instance, written or oral advice on legal matters. Legal advice includes the following:

• Validity and legality of contracts.

• Legal implications of transactions.

• Determination and selection of business schemes.

• Choice of the form of taxation.

 • Formulation of labor relations etc.

 You can get competent and most importantly proven by law answers to those and many other questions, having contacted a professional company of lawyers in Russia.

Applying for quite specific issues you can get irrefragable answers with various options of solution in the shortest time. Individual approach will help find a way out of any situation. Prompt response to your questions and providing all possible solutions optimizes business to changing rules of law.

Businessmen often require services of lawyers. Not surprisingly, since business activity is often accompanied by various problems and difficulties.  Sometimes it is not possible to deal with that without the help of a specialist. Sudden difficulties with tax inspectorate are especially “painful”.

To prevent "tax" troubles in your business you should contact your tax advisor in advance (before the problems will be felt). The specialist will explain how to keep tax records and will say what must be done to give light to a minimum tax. Also, having investigated the case, the tax consultant will develop the right legal support for the client.

An experienced tax lawyer will provide a lot of useful things: offer the right scheme for optimal taxation agreement, develop forms of proxy, agreements and instruments. He will also talk about the features of preparation of orders and other important documentation. In this case, there are no small things, because in the process of a tax audit tax inspectors pay attention to absolutely everything. You should be ready for that. By the way, while preparing a document, an experienced tax lawyer is guided not only by legislation, but certainly has a view of possible consequences that may take place in the company in future.

When choosing a tax lawyer you should consider his professional competence. In complex situations you shouldn’t seek assistance of an inexperienced person who doesn’t have any proper knowledge or connections. Before you enter into cooperation with a tax lawyer or a representative of a specialized organization, you should pay close attention to the track record of the candidate and the particular issues that he was dealing with.

Many businessmen prefer the known law firms. Indeed, serious legal advice is able to offer its clients quality services and individual approach. There are lots of qualified legal organizations on the Internet. However, there are plenty of incompetent people who you shouldn’t trust. They are just unable to understand the serious situation and can only waste precious time of the person concerned.

On the other hand, there are some leading legal portals which are really good and they are actually worthy of attention and can be extremely useful.