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Nowadays starting business in Russia is one of the most actual issues. It has to be said that lots of Russians just don’t want to give up their jobs that they are used to, and go "nowhere" (means have their own business). But there are also those who really want to become successful businessmen and meet their targets. If you are one of those who want to become owners of business, real, legitimate business, which would become the foundation of sustainable well-being of your family, business of your life, then you should make your decision, stop being afraid, and start learning! You’ll have to learn and to do many things.

In order to start business in Russia, you will need starting capital, good professionals and a precise business plan.

Thus, the foundations of small business include:

- A good business plan;

- Competent personnel policy;

- Start-up capital.

You’ll need to learn more about the chosen direction of business, find out what you can do. Remember, you can do much - you are not worse than those who were able to succeed! First, answer your question: how can you start successful business and then begin doing the following.

• Take a sheet of paper and write down all your skills, think about what you can do well, really well, and think if you are able to offer your skills as a service or product to people.

• What is your profession? A lawyer, accountant, engineer, builder? Do not discount what you do every day at work, this may bring you really good income. Make a detailed plan of what you are going to do, which will gradually turn into a business plan. Take your time, add up some new details, get to know what time will certain actions take, fill your plan with numbers, and eventually you will get a plan, which you should really take in consideration.

• Take care of the registration of your future business and obtaining all necessary permits. This is a slow process, but not very costly, and it requires an entrepreneurial approach. Be patient.

• You can’t do without assistants, but don’t recruit a friend or relative - it might prevent the creation of a working structure and might complicate financial relationships in future. For the beginning, hire the minimum number of employees.

• Having an idea (based on your business plan) about the startup (the required amount of money for starting business), think about your possibilities, and if they are not that great, think about where to get the money. Don’t believe that newcomers in business can’t get loans from banks, there are many examples of the opposite! And approaches in each case are individual.

• Do a small market research, which means, take a look at what are the most popular market sectors where you can most profitably apply your talents and skills. For example, if you're a lawyer, you can begin to advise on real estate, or insurance, or banking. An engineer, a dancer, a cook - any professional can become an expert in his/her field, and not just as a lone entrepreneur, and but also create a company.

• Find a suitable office or working place, depending on what you plan to do, think if you need to repair it, the approximate cost of repairs, decide on what basis you will use it – you will purchase the property or pay the rent. Think about the furniture, equipment, and transportation for your business. All contracts have to be documented.

• Don’t forget to inform your potential customers about your service or goods. Tell them that you are ready to meet their needs concerning this service or work you are able to do better than others.

That's the way you can start your business acting consistently. The important thing is - don’t give up in difficult situations. The main thing for you is not to let your business that you created so patiently and lovingly go under.